100% Natural alfalfa hay

Also known as Lucerne hay, alfalfa feed is one of the best sources of fibre, protein, and digestible energy for horses and other livestock. At Ager, we have been a supplier of alfalfa hay for Spain and export markets since 1991. We are able to take advantage of our years of experience producing hay to select the right seeds and optimal times for planting and harvesting. This know-how, along with the select location of our fields, the quality of the land, and the beneficial climate conditions of the Ebro River valley produces the highest quality alfalfa available.

By producing our own hay, we are able to supply high quality at a competitive price. Once the alfalfa is cut, it is then naturally sun dried in the field, according to the traditional method for producing and preserving hay. This method, which uses no industrial processing, is environmentally friendly and also helps to maintain the alfalfa’s structure, colour, and nutritional properties. Ager alfalfa prepared this way is high in protein and fibre, with an extra long staple that is beneficial to your horse’s digestive process and overall health.

Product format: 300 kg. bales


In order to achieve maximum performance, racehorses have extremely demanding nutrition needs. Ager alfalfa is the perfect feed option for such demanding dietary requirements, providing a variety of benefits:

  • Nutrition: Ager alfalfa is high in protein, vitamins, and minerals that are all necessary for the proper growth and development of a racehorse’s bones and muscles.
  • Fibre: Our all-natural alfalfa hay has a rich, balanced fibre content, which promotes good gut health through proper digestion and intestinal pH balance.
  • Energy: packed with more digestible energy than other grass forages, Ager alfalfa supplies a racehorse with the calories it needs for peak performance.
  • Delivery: It is easily dispensed, allowing for a correctly regulated diet and nutrition intake.



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