We cultivate and harvest vetch in the same traditional way as alfalfa. It is sown mixed in with a small quantity of oats or wheat - which serve as conductors. The vetch climbs the stems of the oats or wheat, achieving greater exposure to light and more aeration. This helps avoid lodging and fermentation at the base before harvesting.

The resulting hay is free of fermentation and can be used as animal feed.
Vetch is an excellent forage as it is rich in protein elements and is easily digested. It can be given to horses, beef cattle or cattle alike with very satisfactory results for the farmer.
It is available in bales weighing approximately 300 kg.

paja ager


TWe also commercialise straw bales: when cultivating cereals, this by-product can be used as a source of fibre in livestock feed, as it is very beneficial and economic. It can also be spread around the stables where the animals shelter.

The same occurs with the corn by-product - corn stalks:

Once the corn has been harvested, the stalks are shredded and taken to the plant to fulfil the needs of those customers who require this type of by-product.

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